Jerry Ferrara on Power: ‘We have to kill this’

If there’s anything we learned from Jerry Ferrara’s last series Entourage, people in Hollywood don’t always keep their promises. Lucky for Ferrara, Power creator Courtney Kemp is a woman of her word.

After season one, Power, available in the Middle East exclusively on Starz Play, quickly went from sleeper hit to Starz’ flagship show, bringing in a passionate audience that has grown season by season. Ferrara was eager to get on board.

“I had a general meeting with Courtney Kemp, show creator, and it went really well, and she told my she was going to write this part for me in season two. I’ve heard that quite often in my career, and it doesn’t always happen when people say that. Sure enough though, she actually did it and wrote the part, and here I am almost five years later, so I’m a very lucky man,” Ferrara told me.

For seven years—11 if you count the movie—Ferrara played Turtle on HBO’s Entourage, who began as the sidekick of a movie star and turned into an entrepreneur dating Ronda Rousey. Entourage had a passionate fandom at the time—one might remember Michael Scott’s love of the show on The Office, or how widespread ‘hug it out bitch” became as a saying, and how influential its idea of masculinity and male friendship became, last decade.

In Ferrara’s mind, Power’s fandom is even stronger.

“Entourage was pre-social media and Twitter, so you never quite knew where you stood with the fans in the moment. With Power, you know. It’s there. You go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and you can see it—It’s right there. Entourage was pre-social media. We knew we had a good fan base, but it wasn’t right there in your pocket with you,” says Ferrara.

That love adds pressure to the whole cast in crew.

“It really is some of the most passionate fans we’ve ever seen. They care about this show, and it really makes you want to work harder to deliver a good show because the expectations are high and you don’t want to let the fandom down. It’s not always like that. Sometimes people just come in, do the work. But here you feel like this is for the fans man, they love this show, we have to kill this,” Ferrara says.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 6.51.59 PM.png

Ferrara’s favorite moment in his now-four years on the show came last season, when his character and Ghost (Omari Hardwick) had a moment where everything they had worked towards culminated.

“I had a great moment with Omari. Last season his character was in jail, and my character helped get him out of jail. We had this moment where his character was about to get out of jail, and we were almost like, alright, we’re done here, in this court room. It was almost a goodbye even though I’m still on the show. It was a cool moment we shared.”

– New episodes of Power season 5 arrive every Monday on Starz Play Arabia –