Leaving Neverland with James Clemente, former FBI profiler and child abuse expert

A few weeks ago, I did a panel at Cinema Akil about the film Leaving Neverland. I didn’t post about it afterwards because I found the whole thing emotionally exhausting and spiritually unsatisfying.
Don’t get me wrong, I was proud to have done it, and proud that we had the conversation head-on, directly talking about the issue, what it means, where we stand and why.
Before the panel, I was under a lot of pressure to backdown, and the loudest voices in the room mirrored those same voices that were coming after me online. People didn’t want to believe MJ could have done it.
I didn’t feel done, though. It’s a conversation that needs to keep happening–and it requires more than just average people talking about it, regardless of their expertise in media, celebrity, and the arts. I needed to talk to a child abuse expert.
I got in touch with James Clemente, a retired FBI profiler and expert in child victimology. He agreed to a phone call for a couple minutes. We ended up talking for more than half an hour. It was an emotional conversation.
That discussion is the latest episode of The Cutaway.
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